is the Osage Indian word for water.

Ni Pacolet Milliken Utilities is a holding company for four water and wastewater utilities regulated by either the South Carolina or Florida Public Service Commissions. Collectively, it serves more than 45,000 customers in South Carolina and Florida. Ni Pacolet’s strategy is to continue to support its organic growth, while looking for acquisitions that fit its demographic and economic criteria. More information about Ni Pacolet may be found at www.nipacolet.com.

Ni Pacolet’s five utilities are as follows:

  • Palmetto Utilities, which includes the former Palmetto of Richland County territory. It is located to the north and northeast of Columbia, SC.
  • Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation, which includes both the Alpine and Woodlands utilities. These utilities are located to the northwest of Columbia, SC.
  • Hudson, a wastewater utility located in central Florida.
  • Tamiami, a water and wastewater utility located just north of Tampa, FL.

Strong Growth

Ni Pacolet has experienced strong growth in its Palmetto Utilities utility, and expects such growth to continue in the future. Over the past three years, Palmetto Utilities has grown by almost 900 customers a year. Collectively, Ni’s South Carolina customer base now has roughly 41,000 equivalent residential customers (ERCs). Ni’s Florida operations are relatively stable, with roughly 4,400 ERCs.

Northern Pipeline Project

Pacolet acquired Ni America (renamed Ni Pacolet) in 2015. Since that time, Ni Pacolet has invested over $90 million in capital improvements. A major portion of Ni Pacolet’s focus in 2017 centered around its “Northern Pipeline Project”, a $75 million, multi-faceted capital project within Palmetto Utilities that was begun in 2016 and completed in September 2017. It consists of three components: (1) 22 mile pipeline connecting the former Palmetto of Richland County territory with our Spears Creek wastewater treatment plant, (2) the expansion and improvement of our Spears Creek wastewater treatment plant from 6 MGD to 12 MGD, and (3) the construction of a 12 mile outfall line from our Spears Creek wastewater treatment plant to the Wateree River. The Map to the left depicts the Northern Pipeline Project.