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Ralph Walker

Head of Energy / Infrastructure

Ralph Walker

Head of Energy / Infrastructure

Ralph Walker is the President of Energy for Pacolet Milliken’s Energy and Infrastructure Division. Before joining Pacolet, he was the Founding President of Peregrine Energy Corporation, where he was responsible for strategic planning, business development, capital investment, and overall corporate management. Under his direction, Peregrine directly invested over $75 million in industrial utility infrastructures, including coal-fired and gas-fired cogeneration systems, process water treatment facilities, chilled water and compressed air systems and numerous types of air pollution control technologies.  Peregrine owned and operated these assets selling electricity to the electric utility grid and steam, chilled water, compressed air, process water and other industrial utility commodities and services to various manufacturing companies. He has over 28 years of experience as president of an independent power producing company.  In 1982, he established Aquenergy Systems, Inc. (later sold to Consolidated Hydro), in Greenville, South Carolina, which was the largest independent developer and operator of hydroelectric projects in the southeast United States. Mr. Walker is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers and is recognized as a Certified Cogeneration Professional.
Bill Falls

CFO Energy

David Beard

Director of Development