Leaders in the Sustainability Energy Transition

Pacolet Power & Infrastructure is an owner and operator of a diverse set of sustainable infrastructure assets that includes utilities, renewables and industrial infrastructure. It focuses its investment efforts on projects and companies that play a direct role in the broader Energy Transition occurring in our country today. The bulk of its portfolio has a direct impact on decarbonization efforts. Its ownership structure of investments range from wholly-owned to substantial minority positions.

Ni Pacolet
Lockhart Power
Renewable Energy
Infrastructure & Industrial Services

Investment Mandate

We target energy and infrastructure businesses that have the characteristics set forth below. We generally do not invest in start-ups or unestablished technologies.

Environmentally Responsible
Proven Technologies
Standard Engineering & Construction
Quality Credit Counterparties
Steady Cash Flow
Upside Value Potential
Regulated Utility Return Levels or Better
Residual or Franchise Value