Pacolet Milliken Landscaping Project Showcases New Gateway to Spartanburg

I-85-Landscaping-Project_webPacolet Milliken Enterprises has recently completed a significant landscaping project at the intersection of Interstates 85 and 585 to create a more attractive gateway into Spartanburg.  The project included clearing all four quadrants within the interchange as well as a parcel of land at the southeast corner.  The entire landscaped area, which encompasses over 30 acres, has been designed with trees and shrubs by Mark Byington of Innocenti & Webel.   Pacolet Milliken owns over 100 acres of land around this intersection, which is one of many properties that have been identified for ongoing landscaping and beautification by the company.

“Continuing Roger Milliken’s legacy of using landscaping, especially trees, to improve and beautify our community is something we feel strongly about at Pacolet Milliken,” said Richard Webel, president of Pacolet Milliken.  “It is our mission as a company to be good stewards for the Milliken family, and ensuring that the company’s properties in the Upstate are enhanced and well maintained for the community to enjoy is our way of honoring the Milliken name.”

“On behalf of the tourism and hospitality industry in Spartanburg County, we cannot say ‘thank you’ enough to Pacolet Milliken for all that they are doing to make our community a better place to live and visit,” said Chris Jennings, director of the Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau.  “The new landscaping along I-85 provides a great welcome to our visitors and makes such a wonderful impression to all of the travelers going to Atlanta and Charlotte.”

The new landscaping at the intersection of Interstates 85 and 585 maybe the most visible example of Pacolet Milliken’s investment in beautifying property owned by the company, but it is just one of dozens of projects around the Upstate that the company has completed in the last few years.  Pacolet Milliken owns land across the Upstate and has invested a significant amount over the last 5 years in an effort to improve the attractiveness of the properties.

Carter Smith, with the Spartanburg County Economic Futures Group, who recruits new industry to the area, realizes the importance of first impressions when attracting economic development projects. He is grateful that Pacolet Milliken is actively improving county gateways and roadsides through landscape beatification. “Spartanburg County is very appreciative of Pacolet Milliken’s investment to enhance the County’s beauty with landscaping at this gateway to our community and celebrates their recent economic development announcements with Toray Industries and Bass Pro Shops,” said Jeff Horton, Chairman, Spartanburg County Council.

The company has also partnered with area organizations to support additional projects within the community.  The projects range in size from planting a small row of oak trees along roadways to landscaping sizeable areas.  Some of the most notable include the cities of Union, Clemson, Pendleton, Clinton, Pacolet, Lockhart, and other communities in the Upstate of South Carolina.

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